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Why Hard Flooring is worse for Allergies

Allergies of any member of the family can be triggered by unclean and improper selection of flooring. This is one of the argumentative topics by health experts out there.

According to them, carpets are better to use than the hard flooring. Many don’t believe though some have the idea that hard flooring is not really good. This is somehow confusing right? However, this thing has been solved with some reasons that tell how floor could really be a worse option for every home.

Ideas like this which is worse for allergies are somehow mind thrilling. You might also think of how this could happen where in fact most allergens can be trapped into the carpet. So here are some of the said reasons why hard flooring is worse for the allergies:

  1. Hard floors keep germs, bacteria and allergens – leaning hard floors may look easy and very convenient. It may even look very clean as you don’t see any dust or particles out there. However, these micro allergens may retain on the floor rather than those allergens living on the carpet. As you mop, you can only remove the dust but not totally the germs, bacteria and allergens that triggers allergies. This is one of the reasons why many prefer using carpet rather than hard flooring despite of the issue that carpets are worse than any other type of flooring.
  2. Allergens may just be blown out there – carpet can be cleaned thoroughly using detergent and sufficient enough of water or, can be cleaned superiorly with vacuums that may remove all the allergens from the surface of the carper but not the hard floors. As vacuum or a simple mop is used for cleaning, allergens may just continuously produce after several days. The allergens may just develop and increase even when they are taken away with the use of a cleaning vacuum.
  3. Hard flooring acquires millions of allergens – unlike other type of flooring this is one of the top bacteria or allergens. This is because hard floors are sometimes moist wherein bacteria and allergens are kept alive and is able to reproduce twice or thrice than the number they have. 

These are the reasons that are commonly considered as the worse result of having hard floors. Though some would prefer them more than the other flooring types, it could still not deny that it is also one of the floor types with allergen triggering capacities. So if you don’t want your family to experience allergies at all, consider getting more information about differences of hard flooring than the other flooring type. It is better if you would look for the pros and cons of the flooring you are going to choose to determine whether your family will become safe to the option you chose. Consider the reason mentioned above if you don’t want to regret your decision at the end of the time. Talk to health expert if possible, if which among types of flooring would deliver a good way of avoiding these health risky allergens in your home.

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