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Why Baby Wipes Can Ruin Your Leather

Baby wipes are generally used for cleaning up baby’s mess and keep them always clean. Since it is safe for the sensitive skin of the baby, there are many people who think that it is also best to use for cleaning other house hold material especially leather materials like sofa.

According to some of those who have tried using baby wipes for their leather, they have seen the effects of cleaning their leather they didn’t dare to try it anymore. As for the visible result, cracks and peeling of the leather once using baby wipes.

Since everyone is thinking that baby wipes are always safe to use, many wonder what makes it undesirable to use for cleaning materials like leathers. The reasons it has will clearly explain and here are the following:

  1. Baby Wipes are soaked in cleaning chemicals – obviously, baby wipes are for cleaning purposes but specifically made for babies and since it is made for cleaning purposes, it is expected that it has soaked into different combinations of chemical for keeping them moist and made for skin only. There are some detergents used among a host of the other things and they may contain the following
    • Sodium Hydroxide 
    • Sodium Benzoate
    • Potassium Sorbate 
    • Cetearyl Alcohol 
    • Benzyl Alcohol 
    • And Various acids

  2. Baby Wipes are for skin only not for leather – unconsciously, some are thinking that if they use baby wipes for cleaning the leather, they can also assure of the leather’s cleanliness which for in fact results would be in another way around. It will not help on the cleaning of the leather but instead, it will just ruin the quality of the leather. If it doesn’t easily ripped off, it can either crack or peel which makes the leather to be unpleasant to look at. 

  3. Baby Wipes contain alcohol – a baby wipes may have alcohol content which is responsible for drying the surface of the leather. Alcohol is considered as a sprit (a solvent that can damage materials like leathers). Even when they are applied in a little amount only, many believe that it still has a harmful effect for the leather. In fact, applying alcohol could be one effective way to break down the lacquer finish that protects the pigment of the leather. Once alcohol is applied even in form of a baby wipe, you can already expect that your leather may have its dangerous effect and may become worst as the time you always use it to clean leather. 

Baby wipes are not really undesirable to use for cleaning. However, it is important to know the importance of selecting the right cleaning materials that you are going to use on your things like leathers. So the idea will only be simple and it is to use baby wipes for your baby, and use specific cleaning materials for your leather. Find that cleaning materials which could improve the quality of the leather rather using baby wipes which could ruin your leather at home. Take note of these things so you’ll avoid using wipes for cleaning leathers already.

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