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Top Causes of Residential Water Damage

There are several sources of overflowing water that can damage your home. In fact, a small leak over time may lead to thousands of dollars worth of repairs if left unchecked because of the potential damage. Here are the four top causes of residential water damage, the type that usually requires a professional restoration service to carry out the repairs.

Flaw in Home Appliance

There are appliances that connect to the water supply such as your washing machine, dishwasher and water tank. All it takes is a compromised connection that allows water to leak out and you could be facing a big repair bill if it goes unnoticed for weeks or months. The leak usually starts at the connection between the home’s water pipes and the appliance. However, it can also be in the hose itself which may have a flaw that allows water to leak through.

You should check the connections between your appliances and water pipes on a regular basis such as once a month or every couple of weeks. Also, examine the area around the appliance to see if water is present. Catching such leaks early means a simple clean up and repair that may prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home.

Overflowing Toilet

The sight of an overflowing toilet is not a welcome one, but it can happen if the water escapes the bathroom or gets into the walls and unprotected floors of your home. A clogged toilet can be addressed quickly with a plunger to help limit the damage. However, if you have a flawed water valve or worn parts in the toilet, then controlling the outpouring water may be more difficult.

You should inspect the water valve and tank of your toilet at least once a year to spot any worn parts. Replacing them just might save you from having a malfunctioning toilet that may cause major damage to your home.

Mother Nature

Depending on your location, there are natural disasters can that directly or indirectly flood your home with water. If you live in a flood zone, then even a moderate rain storm may cause nearby streams and creeks to overflow. An earthquake can break your water pipes and cause flooding as well.
So, while you cannot prevent a natural disaster from occurring, you can take the steps necessary to be prepared and limit the damage as much as possible.

Leaky Roof

Another major cause of water damage to the home is a leaky roof. A good roof should last up to 10 years or perhaps longer depending on the climate conditions in your area. However, all roofs will eventually start to allow water to leak in which may create over time a great deal of damage.

You should do a visual inspection of your roof after every major storm and once a year, particular at the places where there are openings in your roof such as around vents and chimneys. If your roof is over 10 years old, have it inspected by a professional and consider a metal roof which lasts far longer than a standard one.

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