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Oriental Rug Cleaning

An oriental rug is a prized possession in the home, yet just like the carpet it will collect dust, dirt and debris which means that it will need to be cleaned from time to time. While you can vacuum the rug, it will not get out the deep seated dirt and debris which will cause it to become discolored and fade over time. A professional rug cleaning NYC service can do a thorough job which will extend the life of your valuable rug.

As the carpet cleaning NYC experts, we also have plenty of experience when it comes to cleaning rugs of all types. While similar in some ways to carpets, they are generally weaved in a pattern that requires a different approach in order to fully remove the dust and dirt.

The Advantages of Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC Services

There are a number of advantages to utilizing Rug Cleaning NYC services instead of trying to clean it yourself.

Professional Cleansers: The cleaning products that are used on your valuable rug are designed specifically not to harm the fabric in any way. Instead, they help clean out the deep seated dust, dirt and debris that has been building up in your rug since it was first set out in your home. All of the products used are safe for the environment and will leave nothing behind that would harm the people or pets in your home.

Proper Equipment: We use the finest equipment to deep clean your oriental rug as well as other rugs and carpeting in your home. These cleaning machines designed to gently, but thoroughly remove the buildup that has occurred in your rug while protecting the integrity of the fibers and colors as well.

Experience: We are the Oriental rug cleaning NYC experts with years of experience that allows us to get your rug as clean as possible. It takes much more than just running a vacuum across, it requires the skill in properly setting up the rug so that all of the debris inside can be removed.

Why Choose a Professional Rug Cleaning NYC Service?

First, a fully licensed and insured professional rug cleaning service will do a complete job in cleaning your rugs in a prompt, thorough manner. A licensed company with trained professionals who follow all the rules and regulations provides the best in quality services. Plus, being insured means that if something unexpected should happen while in your home, it will be fully covered.

However, the most important reason to hire a professional cleaning service is to protect the investment that you have made in your oriental rug. A professional company uses the right cleaners and equipment that is designed to protect the fibers, materials, color and consistency of your oriental rug first and foremost.

At that point, the rug is then cleaned with all the dirt, dust and debris removed that otherwise would damage the fibers which hold your rug together. If you have an oriental rug that is in need of cleaning, then you should call the professional rug cleaning NYC service that will properly clean your oriental rug and protect your investment.

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