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Rug has always been the choice for perfect floor fitting. Rug does have a lot of benefits associated with it and are usually considered before renovating or furnishing house or an office. We are the right Rug Cleaning Company for you.


A floor well covered with rug provides safety especially for toddlers. The soft surface and cushioned padding reduce the impact of fall. Rug reduce the chances of getting slipped and minimizes the injuries when falls do occur, hence rugs provide safety protection for the whole family.

Sound Reduction

Wood and laminated floors create more sound whereas rug reduce noise and echoes by absorbing the impact of foot, soaks up room sounds and echoes and blocks sound from transmitting between floors mostly in apartments. Rug and a cushion pad underneath it, is one way to keep the sound trapped in a specific place.

Warmth and Insulation

Rug provides warmth not only to foot but also keeps the house or the area warm where it is placed. Rugs provide thermal resistance especially in colder climates it retains warm air longer. Rugs provide comfort not only for sitting and playing but also to work and last but not the least, gives room a warmer feeling.

Adds Beauty and Style

Nowadays thousands of rug styles, colors, patterns and textures are available to choose from. It adds beauty to the room. Rug will maintain its life and beauty for years if properly cleaned and maintained.


Rug has dust trapping properties and it adds to a healthy living environment. Dust particles settles at the bottom of the rug and are not scattered until vacuumed. Dust particles carry germs, allergens and other containments when directly affect our health. Adding rug improves air quality and provides a safer environment to live.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Rugs are easy to install and have excellent wear properties. Maintenance of rug is quick, easy and low cost. Cleaning includes regular vacuuming, removal of spots and spills and using hot water extraction method.

Environment Friendly

A great achievement in rug industry is the introduction of SmartStrand rugs which are made from recycled soda bottles, tires and from sugar extracted from corn. This manufacturing of this rug involves less energy consumption which makes it eco-friendly.

Low Cost

Rug costs less as compared to lamination or hard floor surfacing. Along with this rug costs less to maintain as compared to other floorings. The hard surface floor requires two and one half times more cleaning time than rug and cleaning accessories are about seven times more expensive for vinyl floors than for rugged floors.

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