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Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. Home Machine Cleaning

There is a nationwide industry of home machine cleaners designed to clean the carpets of your home. Every day, thousands of people rent such machines so that they can use them instead of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to do the job.

Using a machine designed for carpet cleaning is a necessity every so often because even the best vacuuming and spot cleaning will not remove all the dirt and debris that builds up in the carpet over time. If not removed, the debris can start to damage the carpeting by unraveling the fibers and creating permanent stains that will require the carpet to be replaced at a time years earlier than it could have lasted if it were regularly cleaned by a machine.

However, does a carpet cleaning rental machine actually work as well as hiring a professional carpet cleaning company? For many, there are hidden costs that come with such machines that many people may be overlooking when it comes to fully cleaning their carpets.

What is a Home Cleaning Machine?

Basically, this is a commercial version of a professional carpet cleaning machine that is used by companies around the country. In fact, it may even be an older version of the machines that companies often use. Many such machines use a steam cleaning feature where hot water or steam is injected into the carpet and then vacuumed out at almost the same time. The steam loosens the dirt and debris located deep in the carpet fibers and then the vacuum action pulls it up from the area.

The advantages of using this type of cleaning machine starts with the fact that the process only needs water and can be quite effective in lifting out even the toughest of stains. Plus, the vacuum action means that only light vacuuming is needed afterwards once the carpet is fully dried. However, there are issues with using a home cleaning machine that some people may not be aware.

The Disadvantages of Using Home Cleaning Machines

Rentals: Rental machines are notorious for either not being properly maintained or being used so often that they are not nearly as effective as they should be. All machines wear down over time and the amount they are used, so you may be using a machine that is well worn.

Older Machine: Such home cleaning machines are often older versions of carpet cleaning devices that have been sold to companies by professional cleaners who have upgraded their equipment. This means that you may not be renting the latest and best carpet cleaning device.

Time & Money: While renting a machine is usually cheaper than hiring a professional company, there is the time, money and gas used to haul the machine to and from the store as well as the time to prepare and use it on your carpets. All things considered, you may have better uses for your time and energy that a professional company can address.

By going with a professional carpet cleaning company, you are getting the best cleaning machines, experienced technicians and the right service that will allow you to use your time as you see fit while the carpets get fully cleaned.

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