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Pet Stains & Professional Carpet Cleaning

Your pet is a beloved member of the household, but sometimes even the best dogs and cats have moments that will leave behind stains on the carpet. From the fur they shed to having accidents that leave behind urine and stool, cleaning up after your pet can be a chore at times, but they can leave behind stains which may be difficult for you to remove.

Furthermore, there are stains that you may not discover for a long time because they are under the best or behind the couch. This is the type of stain that sits for weeks or even months can be very difficult to clean because they have settled deep into the fibers of the carpet. Even consumer products may be hard pressed to get out such stains, but you do have another choice which is turning to a professional carpet cleaning company.

How the Professionals Remove Pet Stains from Carpets

A professional carpet cleaning company has the right cleaners, equipment and experience to ensure that your carpet is free of pet stains. In fact, they have a special spot removal service that can quickly address the stains left behind by your pet and clean them up quickly either as a separate service or as part of an overall carpet cleaning job.

Expertise: A professional company uses trained technicians with years of experience when it comes to spot cleaning after pets. This means that they will use the right cleaners and techniques to lift the stain out of the carpet so that it will look as new as possible.

Natural Cleaners: The products used by professional companies are natural cleansers that leave behind no residue that could harm you, your family or pets in the home. Plus, there are natural cleaners that are actually more effective than their chemical counterparts and will not cause a negative reaction when it comes to the health of those who live inside the home.

Thorough Job: In addition to addressing the stains that are readily apparent, the professional company can with your permission search out other areas of your home where your pets might have had an accident and clean up those spots as well. Their years of experience have taught them where to look and you can get more cleaning for your money when using a professional service.

Combined Cleaning Services

You can use the spot removal service on its own or hire the company to fully clean your carpets and upholstery as well. A professional company offers a wealth of cleaning services that address the needs of your carpet and upholstery, so you can hire them all at once for a thorough job.

When you call, the company offers you a free quote for their services or perhaps sends a representative to your home if you are not sure about how much cleaning is needed. Once there, the rep will inspect the areas that need cleaning and provide a free quote which you can accept or reject without charge. If accepted, you will have a professional service take care of the pet stains in your carpet for a thorough cleaning job.

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