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Organic Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting in homes is comfortable on bare feet and it can create a cozy visual environment in your home’s decor. Keeping carpet clean is important to the longevity of the floor covering. Steam cleaning removes allergens and germs from deep in the carpet fibers. Self-neutralizing solutions which are non toxic make for the perfect carpet cleaning experience. Cleaning Persian or Oriental rugs should be performed gently using soap and water. Make sure to use a soap which is gentle to the delicate fibers of the intricate hand-crafted patterns. Organic carpet cleaning is effective and perfect for families with children, and it leaves no unsightly leftover residue. Organic cleaning ensures a pure, long-lasting result that establishes a healthy environment for your entire family.

The difference between organic carpet cleaning and regular steam cleaning is that natural ingredient cleaning solutions are proven to be gentle and non-toxic, whereas regular carpet cleaning may contain toxic chemicals which stay embedded in all levels of the carpet pile. This is of special consideration if you have pets or young children. The biodegradable cleaning ingredients used in organic carpet cleaning dries clear, breaking down and disappearing completely after drying. There is no residue to worry about and there are no harmful substances remaining which might be ingested by children or pets.

The solution used in organic carpet cleaning is comprised of natural elements such as citrus peel, grapefruit seed extract, lime extract, natural minerals, cider vinegar, botanical extracts, aloe, and white cedar extract. It is free of MEA, EDTA, chlorine, silicone, artificial fragrances, borine, linear alcohol and phosphorus and glycol ether used in traditional cleaning methods. Organic carpet cleaning is a green alternative and it deep cleans each fiber of your carpet naturally. Your home will be left smelling clean with no artificial scents. The superior technology of organic carpet cleaning allows for the drying time to be three hours or less.

Organic carpet cleaning is friendly to the environment. Rug cleaners using hot water without proper extraction can leave rugs too wet. The hot water can shrink the fibers in your carpet and attack the structure of flooring. Rugs left too wet can cause mold and bacteria to grow in and on the carpet, creating hazard health conditions in the home. Mold can grow into walls and foundations, damaging your home and creating illness in the family. The organic approach uses much less water and is easily extracted from your carpeting.

Keeping your carpet vacuumed will assist in the wear and tear of carpeting. Using doormats and taking off shoes in the house adds life to your flooring. Professional cleaning cannot be beat and should be performed at a minimum of once a year. Address spills and stains immediately with a spot cleaner. Quick attention to spills and stains will keep your carpet looking its best for years to come. Organic carpet cleaning is an advanced technology that will not damage your carpet. No harsh chemicals left in your home or in the water extracted from your carpeting This environmentally-friendly method of carpet cleaning is far superior to the old-fashioned way which uses chemicals that may harm the health of your family and potentially damage your home.

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