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Green Oriental Rug Care Available

Let’s face it, Green is big these days. Organic is in. And if you have carpets or Oriental rugs you may want to take advantage of green cleaning offered by Local Organic Rug Care in New York City.

No matter what type of carpeting, plush, Berber, looped, frieze or hand-stitched oriental this is the company to call. They were started in 2001 with one person and never looked back. Today they have grown to over 20 employees along with a great reputation.

If you do own Oriental rugs that need special attention you will want a professional to handle it. These rugs are made of wool and hand made through a very pain staking process of hand weaving in order to produce colorful, intricate patterns. Whether they are for hanging on the wall or placed on the floor they need just the right amount of care to maintain them. Too little maintenance and your investment fades away, too much cleaning will ruin the weave and possibly destroy the rug.

At Local Organic Rug Care their professionals have both the skill and experience necessary to provide the highest rug cleaning services while at the same time protecting the environment. They understand the best treatments to use for safe and effective rug cleaning.

If you live in the New York area don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to protecting your investment. Call Local Organic Rug Care today and see just how affordable they are.

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