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Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Carpet

The change of whether only shows that there is a tendency that the carpet that we have at home would experience moisture, mud and other types of dirt. Rainy season is a no, no to the carpet because it gives unnecessary exposures to moistures and it is not good on the carpet’s quality because it can possibly result to mold growth, soiling and allergens.

For that reason, it is very important to maintain carpet cleaning in order to make sure that your carpet is always hygienic. Below are some to the tips that you can have in order to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet especially during rainy season:

When You Enter the House, Take Off Your Slippers and Shoes

One of the best ways in order to prevent moisture and mud in reaching your carpet is to make a house rule wherein you and your family should take off your slippers and shoes every time that they are going to enter in your home’s main living area. Aside from that, it is also recommended that you should also request your visitor to take off their shoes as well.

80 percent of the dirt that can be found in our home is coming from the outside atmosphere and they are being carries by our footwear and even if you are barefooted, that is why it is necessary to remove our shoes every time that we are going to enter in our home to maintain its neatness.

Place Doormats

By placing a doormat at the entryways of your home, you will be able to remove the majority of the dirt that can possibly track inside your room. Aside from doormats, it is also recommended for you to place mats and rugs in the high traffic areas such as hallways in order to expose your carpet in little tear and wear as possible. Dirty doormats and rugs are easier to clean as well as to replace than carpet. Placing doormats and rugs on your entryway will lessen the dirt in your carpet.

Have a Carpet Protectant

Another key in order to protect your carpet is to apply a protectant to it. Carpet protectant is highly recommended because it helps in resisting the stains and the soils in the carpet. Aside from that, it also helps in maintaining the quality of your caret and it saves you from having a deep carpet cleaning for the whole year.

Carpet cleaning is not a piece of cake. It is one of the hardest things to do that is why it is very important to make maintain its cleanliness in order to avoid the growth of molds in it. You should make sure that when the rainy season comes, your carpet is already safe from the possible dirt that it can have. You can make use of the helpful tips stated above in order for your carpet not to be ruined by the upcoming rainy season that can possibly cause dirt in your carpet at home.


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