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Carpet Cleaning – Hiring a Pro vs. Doing it Yourself

Cleaning carpets is a time-consuming task that has many people turning to professionals so that they can spend their time doing other things. However, there are certain advantages that many people believe exist in cleaning the carpet themselves, particularly a financial one as renting a machine may be less expensive than hiring a professional company.

Cleaning Carpets on Your Own

Vacuuming your carpets once each week and doing spot cleaning when necessary can remove most of the dirt and debris that winds up in your carpet. However, even the best vacuums cannot remove all of the debris that collects deep down in the fibers which is why you will need to properly clean your carpets on an annual basis.

The advantages of doing the job yourself assuming you have the time is that renting a carpet cleaning machine is generally less expensive than hiring a professional company. Plus, you should be able to get to all the areas that a professional company can reach as well. So, on the surface at least it appears that doing the job on your own has definite advantages, but there are some issues that you’ll be facing as well.

Advantages of Using a Professional Company

There are definite advantages to hiring a professional carpet cleaning company over doing the job on your own.

They Move the Furniture: While picking up a chair or end table is not too difficult, having to move a couch or bookcase can be quite strenuous when you do not have help or have to get the kids involved. A professional company does the moving on their own.

Use Their Own Equipment: Instead of having to go to the store, pick up the carpet cleaner and haul it home, the professional carpet cleaning company brings their own equipment to the job. Many people who rent machines often do not take into account the time, money and gas it takes to move the machine to and from the store.

Experience: The professional technicians who come to your home have years of experience when it comes to cleaning carpets. It takes more than just running the machine across the carpets, there are specific techniques as well as using the right, natural cleaning products that really bring out the dirt so that your carpets look line new again.

Time: Perhaps the biggest advantage of hiring a professional company is that you don’t have to spend time renting, cleaning, and moving furniture around. Instead, you can use your time more productively on other matters and let the professionals do the carpet cleaning for you.

All in all, hiring a professional carpet cleaning company may actually save you more in terms of time and energy than you might think. The next time you are considering cleaning your carpet, particularly if you are going to clean all the carpeting in your home, call a professional carpet cleaning company and get a free estimate for their services. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you hear and find that it is well worth the cost.

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