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At Home Tips and Tricks for Common Carpet and Rug Stains

Despite your best efforts, your carpet and rugs will be subject to stains from all different types of sources. Whether you spill coffee, juice or some other substance, there will most likely be something that will stain your carpet at some point and time.

For overall carpet cleaning NYC residents can trust, you should go with a professional firm to fully clean your carpets, but for getting rid of a few stains there are things you can do in your home. What follows are a few carpet and rug cleaning tips that can help you remove most types of stains quickly and efficiently.

Use the “Outside-In” Technique

Basically, this means that you should remove stains by blotting the area and working from the outside and going into the spot itself. You’ll want to blot the area and not scrub because you’ll risk tearing up the carpet fibers and just making it worse. Plus, you might actually push the spill or stain down into the carpet pad itself.

Find the Right Stain Remover

Be sure to test any carpet stain removers on a small, out of the way area first to ensure that they do not discolor your carpet in total. Once satisfied, then you can start using it on the stains that are present. The types of stain removers that you should use are ones that match the stain that you are trying to clean up.

Water-Soluble Stain Remover: This is arguably the most common type of stain remover because it works on many different types of stains that are water soluble such as the following;

  • Alcoholic drinks, berries and colas
  • Excrement, food dyes and gravy
  • Ice cream, jelly and mud
  • Washable ink, wet or latex paint

On stains like these you can simply mix a ¼ teaspoon of white vinegar or non-bleach detergent with 32 ounces of water. Using the blotting method, this will remove the aforementioned stains.

Unique Water-Soluble Stains: These are stains that are still water-soluble, but do not react very well with vinegar or non-bleach detergent;

  • Blood, chocolate and coffee
  • Mustard, tea, vomit and wine

Here, you can use a tablespoon of ammonia mixed with a cup of water or if you have a solution-dyed carpet, one part chlorine bleach to five parts water. Do not use any bleach on types of carpet other than solution-dyed.

Other Types of Stains: Here, your cleaning solution will depend on the type of stain.

  • Oil, wax and fat: Cover with paper towel and place warm iron on top.
  • Wax or Gum: Freeze it, then shatter with a hammer and vacuum up the pieces
  • Glue: Moisten soft cloth with alcohol and press. Gently wipe away the glue 
  • Nail Polish: Blot with nail polish remover
  • Urine: Blot the area dry, then use one part vinegar and one part water to blot up the rest

You should maintain your carpets and rugs with a professional carpet cleaning NYC company that also does upholstery cleaning as well. They use organic carpet cleaning methods that keeps your carpet and rugs fresh and clean.

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