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10 Most Common Questions About Carpet Cleaning

    1. Do I Need to Do Anything Before The Carpet Cleaning Takes Place?
      Our professionals will handle the entire process. However you can do some light vacuuming of the carpet if you desire to help speed along the process in general.

  1. How Long Does the Carpet Cleaning Take?
    Depending on what is required, it generally takes about an hour for every 300 square feet of carpet. 

  2. What Types of Material Do You Clean?
    We clean all types ranging from Berber to Wool to Silk and even Rayon. Please call and ask us about the types of materials found in carpets, rugs and so forth so that we can provide you with the information needed.

  3. Is the Furniture Moved? 
    Our pricing structure includes moving the sofas, chairs and tables so that all of the carpet is properly cleaned. Heavy items such as beds and dressers for example are generally left alone unless there is a special instruction as part of an additional package of services to move such heavy items. 

  4. Do You Use Environmentally Safe Cleaning Agents?
    Yes, the products we use are 100% environmentally safe which means that we protect you, your family and pets when cleaning your carpets. 

  5. What Will the Carpet Cleaning Remove?
    Pretty much any stain that is not a permanent one may be removed by the professional cleaning service. However, there are limits to how much of a particular type of staining can be removed;
    • Yellowing
    • Soiling Around Blackboards
    • Urine & Vomit Stains
    • Rust
    • Blood
    • Red Dye

      We cannot guarantee 100% removal of all the stains mentioned above, but our cleaning efforts will lift at least part of them. Red dye from make-up products, crayons and other sources is the most difficult type of stain to remove. Plus, the deep indentations made by heavy furniture are not guaranteed to come out. It is recommended that you move your dresser, bed and other heavy furniture every couple of months so that the indentations never set in. 

  6. Is Anything Needed After the Carpet is Cleaned?
    You’ll want to keep in mind a few things after the carpet has been fully cleaned;
    • No Pets or Children on the Carpet for at Least 6 Hours
    • Keep Tabs and Blocks in Place for 24 Hours
    • Be Careful Stepping from the Carpet to a Hard Floor
    • You can Vacuum the Carpet after 24 Hours of it being Cleaned

  7. How Long Before I Can Walk on the Carpet?
    About 6 hours before anyone should walk on the carpet if at all possible. It is advisable to wear only white socks if you have to walk on the carpet before the 6 hours are up. The carpet itself may still feel a little damp after 18 hours, but that is normal and it will soon dry out. You can help the process if by using fans to circulate the air to increase the evaporation process. 

  8. Does Your Cleaning Service Come with a Warranty?
    Yes it does, we have a refund guarantee for our services which means if we do not accomplish what we say we can with your carpet, you will get your money back and more. 

  9. How Can I Maintain My Carpet?
    Vacuuming on a regular basis and having some spot cleaner around to remove stains as they happen will help keep your carpet looking like new.

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